Hair Removal

Alexandria Professional™ Sugaring


Alexandria Professional Body Sugaring™ is a much gentler, safer, and truly progressive method of hair removal for all parts of the body. It is effective on all skin types and hair textures for both men and women.

KRAVE Certified Alexandria Practitioners are professionally trained and educated. They are committed to a high standard of service, helping you to make Alexandra Professional Body Sugaring™ a part of your regular beauty routine.

For best results, we recommend 8–10 days of hair growth with a minimum 1/16 hair length.


girl_laying_smiling_300Sugaring Hair Removal

Facial Services

  • Chin $18
  • Eyebrows $18
  • Full Face including Eyebrows $48
  • Upper Lip $18


Body Services

  • Bikini $48
  • Brazilian (female) $68
  • Brazilian Maintenance (within four weeks) $58
  • Full Arms $48
  • Full Back or Chest including Neck and Shoulders $58
  • Manzilian* (male) $98
  • Manzilian Maintenance (within four weeks) $88
  • Full Legs $78
  • Half Legs $48
  • Under Arms $28

There may be an upcharge depending upon density of body hair. *Initial consult required for new client.



Traditional Waxing Hair Removal

  • Brows $18
  • Upper Lip $18
  • Chin $18
  • Duo $28
  • Trio $38

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