We are happy to announce our new services focused on skincare! 
IMAGE Skincare is a clinical skincare brand powered by proven ingredients and smart botanicals. We’ve pioneered clean clinical skincare™, with naturally effective, mindful formulas that deliver real results. Our products are physician formulated and tried, true and tested by a team of professionals to help you feel the most confident in your skincare—and your skin.

Massage Modalities

All massage sessions allow time for you to relax, re-align, and rejuvenate.

Enhanced Experiences

Indulge your senses and enhance your session with any or multiple massage enhancements and aromatherapies.

Nail Services

Enjoy our luxurious, relaxing, and gorgeous spa experience while you have your nails shaped and perfected.

Skin Services

(Skin)Solutions products were developed not only for the professional esthetician and cosmetologist in mind, but also the end user, our clients.

Hair Removal

Alexandria Professional Body Sugaring™ is a much gentler, safer, and truly progressive method of hair removal for all parts of the body.

Sunless Spray Tan

Experience a professional airbrush sunless spray tan which will perfectly cover your body’s contours and reach places a spray booth, tanning bed or even the sun, cannot touch.

Holistic Healing

Achieve balance. Holistic healing can result in healing of the body, mind, emotions, and spirit while encouraging personal and spiritual awareness, development, and growth.

Full Body Scrubs & Wraps

Slough away dull, dry skin to reveal softer, smoother skin while also clearing blemishes and clogged pores, healing and preventing ingrown hairs, helping to increase blood circulation within the body, and more.


Pamper yourself or someone you care about with our vast selection of day spa experience. For best availability we advise calling two week in advance for these packages.


Our series were developed for those who may be in immediate pain and may require multiple sessions. Our first priority is always our clients and allowing them to feel their best while being conscious of the cost.


This gift won’t be returned.

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