Before the Microblading Procedure

An individual has to make sure that their health is in good condition with a well-rested and relaxed body and mind.

Avoid caffeine, alcohol and other supplements that affect the anesthetic efficacy especially those that thin one’s blood.

Discuss any kind of medical histories such as diabetes, heart problems, and skin irritations etc with the beautician.


Virtually Painless
Painless procedure: Unlike the other invasive procedures, eyebrow microblading is virtually painless as the procedure is performed under the supervision of a licensed expert. KRAVE the Experience initially uses a medical skin numbing cream so that there is little to no pain as the pigment implantation is done.


After the Microblading Procedure

Microbladed eyebrow services by KRAVE the Experience is a two-step process that includes the initial procedure of the brows and a touch up that needs to be done within 4-8 weeks. It is important to follow up for the touch up after the procedure.


What is Microblading?
Microblading or ‘eyebrow embroidery’ is a convenient and semi-permanent solution that involves the best kind of treatment to thin brows, making them look much fuller and voluminous.


How does Microblading work?
Microbladed eyebrows are done by drawing hair-like strokes with specialized tools to complement the natural hair in the brows. Since pigment implantation is used in the procedure, the technique is basically tattooing but with a specialized touch and technique.

This method of manually implanting pigment in hair-like strokes in the epidermis is to create the natural look of fuller brows. The process gives the natural-looking results that are achieved only with a sharp, hand-held blade made up of micro-needles. This procedure does not involve the outlining and completely filling of the brows with color like you may have seen in the ’90s but instead is created by expert placement of hair like strokes into the skin complementing the natural brows. The microblading procedure also differs from the old tattoo styles in that it is made to last more temporarily and one can expect ideal results for about two years.


The Need for Microbladed Eyebrows
It is well known these days that perfectly shaped and neatly done eyebrows can substantially enhance ones facial features. As per the specific individual need of either perfectly arched or feathered eyebrows, microblading has the power to accentuate a facial look completely, no matter the shape or hair color. A lot of people struggle with different kinds of eye makeup such as pencils, mascara, powders, various gels, and tattooing to get the desired look of the eyebrows without satisfactory results.

KRAVE the Experience provides an excellent option of delivering semi-permanent, microbladed eyebrows to give a natural look. Also, it saves a lot of time, efforts, and hassles of the routine eye makeup one may have to set aside time for every single day.


Benefits of Microblading

  • Convenience and Reduced Efforts: There is a stark difference in the overall look before and after the process of microblading. The biggest benefit is the convenience it offers in terms of much less time required in getting ready for your everyday schedule.
  • Works fine even with a rigorous routine: If you are someone with an active lifestyle and a rigorous routine of exercising, swimming and other physical activities, microblading is a treatment that will not leave you with embarrassing runny or spotty makeup. The procedure is done by qualified beauty expert, Lisa, using the implantation of pigments into the initial three layers of skin to create natural and sustainable results.
  • Low maintenance: One of the benefits of having this procedure done to one’s brows is the low maintenance needed by them. Once the healing is done, no special attention or care is required to maintain them. Furthermore, microblading costs are pretty reasonable and completely worth the money with additional features such as the first touch up included. No more annoyance and cost of finding the right pencils, powders and pomades!
  • Semi-permanent solution: Bladed brows can be achieved with a single session of approximately 2 hours and one follow up appointment to touch them up shortly thereafter. This semi-permanent makeup provides the natural look of voluminous and fuller brows to enhance the looks and can keep your look up to date. It is a much smarter choice than traditional tattooing as one can change with the trends over the years more easily.


Microblading Before and After

To get the most desired results for eyebrow microblading, it is important to take certain precautionary steps before and after the treatment as suggested below:


After the Microblading Procedure

  • Microbladed eyebrow services by KRAVE the Experience is a two-step process that includes the initial procedure of the brows and a touch up that needs to be done within 4-8 weeks. It is important to follow up for the touch up after the procedure.
  • If any more serious signs of redness or swelling exist after a couple of hours following the procedure, discuss your symptons immediately with your beauty consultant.
  • It is advisable to not wet the eyebrow area for the initial 24 hours and avoid any kind of scratching, scrubbing, or picking as it can lead to irritation and swelling around the eyes as well as damage to your results.

Microblading services by KRAVE the Experience are a semi-permanent cosmetic tattooing solution that effectively fills in sparse, thin or uneven eyebrows. It is recommended to do yearly touch-ups in order to maintain optimal results, as the color of the brows fade over time.

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