We specialize in safe and customized eyelash extensions. Our exclusive technique tailors a perfect design for each individual’s unique eye shape using our custom-built mapping system. We provide both classic lashes and multi-volume lash extensions, using only premium synthetic material that is curled to imitate a natural lash. Our eyelash extensions provide a rich-looking appearance that eliminates the need for mascara, giving you a low-maintenance beauty routine.

natural. beautiful. flawless.

Classique Beauty Lashes

 A classic set that has a single eyelash extension that is applied to each mature natural lash. This will create the perfect mascara effect to your eyelashes

Classique Beauty Full Set – $175
Classique Infills (1-4 weeks) – $49+


Immix Beauty Lashes

A mix of single eyelash extensions (one eyelash extension) and volume eyelash extensions (mulitple lightweight 3-4 dimension eyelash extensions) is applied to each mature natural lash. This will create the balance of both the perfect mascara and wispy appeal to your eyelashes.

Immix Beauty Full Set – $199
Classique Infills (1-4 weeks) – $65+

Voluminous Beauty Lashes

A volume set that has multiple light-weight eyelash extensions that are applied to each mature natural lash. This will create a soft, wispy, and fluffy appeal to your eyelashes.

Voluminous Beauty Full Set – $225
Voluminous Infills (1-4 weeks) – $79+

MEGA Volume Beauty Lashes

A mega volume set has multiple-light weight eyelash extensions that are applied to each mature natural lash.This will create the fullest lashes possible using our thinnest lashes. The effect is stunning!

Classique Beauty Full Set – $275
Classique Infills (1-4 weeks) – $95+

let’s talk lashes.


While you can’t stop your natural lash from shedding, (nor should you) there are some maintenance tips that can ensure that your lash extensions last as long as possible:

  • Try not to use mascara on your lash extensions. If you must then look for a water based product as oils will compromise the integrity of the adhesive
  • Do not pick or pull at your lash extensions as this can cause your natural lashes to become broken
  • Refrain from rubbing your eyes… this can be hard to get used to
  • Use an oil free makeup remover around and over your eyes
  • Avoid salt water and hot tubs
  • Use a clean mascara wand to brush your lashes and keep them separated


Properly applied eyelash extensions will not damage your natural lashes. Picking, pulling, rubbing and generally being rough on your lash extensions could cause damage to your natural eyelashes making them appear shorter because they are broken. Your lash technician will be able to see any broken lashes and will inform you that you are being a little too rough on them.

If/when you remove your lash extensions it can be quite a shock as you don’t remember what your lashes looked like before the extensions. Many clients think that their natural lashes are shorter, thinner or more sparse than before they had the extensions. They are not, it’s all about perception. As long as you followed your care instructions your lashes will be in just as good condition as before the procedure. Your lash technician will take a photo of your natural lashes during your first appointment at KRAVE, these photos will be added to your file so you can reference them later on if needed.


You can wear eye makeup with your lash extensions, however we recommend using oil free products as the oils will compromise the glue and may cause your extensions to separate from your natural lashes. Clients who wear mascara on their lash extensions will generally lose them faster than clients who do not. This is because of the chemicals in the mascara as well as the removal and cleaning process. If you have a classique set of lashes but find that you still need to wear mascara, you might want to upgrade your set to dramatic. Immix lash extension clients may want to move up to extreme if they are not satisfied with the fullness.

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