Indulge your senses and enhance your session with any or multiple massage enhancements and aromatherapies. Please inform our receptionist when scheduling by phone, or when booking online, simply add a note about your requested massage enhancement.


  • Choose one for $12
  • Choose two for $20
  • Total enhancement package for $38 which includes:
    • Choice of Aromatherapy
    • Hot & Cold Facial Massage
    • Hand Rejuvenation Massage
    • Foot Rejuvenation Massage

Heart & Sole Foot Massage

Give overworked and tired tootsies some extra love. Indulge in the sweet scent of Milk & Honey while a sugar scrub stimulates circulation.

Peppermint Foot Massage

Reinvigorate hard working tootsies with a stimulating wake up call. Awaken your senses with a peppermint sugar scrub to melt away tension.

Lavender Hand Rejuvenation

Revive weary and tired hands with some special attention. Get a grip on a relaxing and soothing lavender sugar scrub hand therapy session.

Hot & Cold Facial Massage

Melt away the stresses of every day. Relax with a hot towel wrap then awaken with a cold stone facial massage.

(Massage enhancements are only available during 60-, 90-, and 120-minute massages and does not add to session duration.)


Available during any massage session!

Relaxation & Serenity


Free yourself from tension and anxiety while melting into a state of calm peacefulness with lavender essential oils.


Invigorating & Energizing


Awaken your senses and receive strength and vitality for sustained physical and mental activity with peppermint essential oils.


Soothing & Enlightening


Enjoy the soothing benefits of reduced pain and inflammation while experiencing a boost of self esteem and confidence.


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